Lifestyle Change

When you struggle with weight loss, it’s easy to feel as if you’re all alone. You can get endless help from web sites, diet books, friends, family, and physical trainers but at the end of the day, all that matters is what YOU do. Sometimes it can feel like a horrible dream where everything and everyone you know falls away and all that’s left is you, running alone in the dark, and getting nowhere fast.

The ironic fact about weight loss struggles is that you’re never truly alone when you face them. What you eat and how often you exercise is up to you, but the world is full of people who have faced the same hurdles and, even better, people who have overcome them. This blog is my attempt to make it over the biggest hurdle: the challenge of making healthy living a lifestyle change. If anything I write helps someone else in their weight loss journey than that’s all the better.

weight loss journey

Here are a few things to know regarding this blog:

  • I am not an expert. At times I may share bits of knowledge or wisdom that I have picked up over the years but nothing should ever be taken as gospel. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that the health industry is ever-changing and the “do’s and don’t’s” of weight loss can often be debated. What I will share is anything that has or does work for me, as well as anything new I try.
  • It will not contain anything related to fad diets or “magic” pills. I know full well the draw that these concepts can have; in fact, I’ve tried many of them in the past. If they had worked, I would not be sitting at my computer today, writing to you. What they have all had in common is the short window of time they have worked and the vast amounts of money I’ve wasted on them. No more.
  • I am not perfect. I am bound to have my ups and downs, and I will share those with you, as  well. This is not an infomercial filled with thin people smiling through workouts so they can show you how they became even thinner. This is real life, filled with real temptations and real setbacks. I have had my fair share of these in the past and I see no reason to think this weight loss journey will be any different.
  • Every post may not be filled with sunshine and roses. Anyone who has truly struggled with weight loss knows it is a roller coaster of emotion. I will always do my best to be positive but I expect to run into bursts of anger and frustration from time to time. When they rear their ugly heads, you may hear about it. Hopefully you can relate and use my experiences to know you’re not alone when your tough time occur.
  • I may not be consistent. It seems to me that weight loss is a lot like cooking. Sometimes you try a mix of ingredients that just don’t work. But when you find that perfect recipe- voila! – a gourmet meal! Obviously, I haven’t found my perfect blend yet, so I will take pride in my inconsistencies. Every time I mix it up or try something new I’ll be showing my dedication to this weight loss challenge and my willingness to not give up.

After all that, I suppose you want to know what this challenge is. I call it a weight loss bucket list because I love the concept of setting up little challenges to constantly work toward (more on that later). However, the heart of this the challenge can be found in my blog’s title. Tomorrow is my 30th birthday and “30 to life” represents my challenge to myself to meet one of two weight loss goals by my 31st birthday:

  • Lose at least 30 pounds. If I do that, I will reach a weight I haven’t been able to meet or maintain for at least 6 years. Or,
  • Lose 52 pounds. After all, everyone says healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week, so 52 pounds in 52 weeks should be realistic. If I accomplish this goal, I will reach a weight I’ve only held once in my adult life. It is a weight that’s ideal for someone of my height and age.

You don’t have to be thin to be happy, but I do think being healthy and feeling good about yourself goes a long way. So this is me, at 30, reclaiming my life. It should be an interesting journey!


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